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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wait, what? Summer is almost over?

{sun setting on summer}

Oh drats. Are you kidding? The unofficial close of summer is like a few fingers of days away and I have not posted once. Oh man. That is painful. I totally don’t expect anyone to read this blog anymore because *gasp* I’m barely even able to remember how to log in much less post anything of substance. Shame shame shame on me.

Not sure what it is about fall and the sudden surge in blogging. I guess summer makes us look outside and fall makes us more likely to look inward. You start thinking about your house, the holidays, kids go back to school (so some people’s days are a little easier), you aren’t constantly packing and unpacking, food starts to get heartier and for us here the days goes from holy hot to just nearly perfect (still waiting on that one So Cal, ahem 102 today.) So in keeping with that…here is an update and a renewed (almost with no credibility) vow to get back to this blog which in theory is about our happy little home.

{tinsley blaire}

{aiden quincy}

Tins and A are 18.5 months. Full of twin sass, babbling up a storm, dancing all the time, practicing their gymnastics (thanks to a little Olympic viewing) and basically just getting cuter by the nano second. But whoa, toddlers is like a whole ‘nother Oprah. You think a mewling infant is tough. Oh just you wait until they have two speeds: sleep and run.

{bumper crop}

My garden did so well. We enjoyed the fruits of my rookie labors until we had squash and cucumbers and snap beans coming out our ears. I adored the beans, loathed the lemon cucumbers and will definitely edit what I plant next year (talking to you 10000 zuchinnis). The honeydew melons were like candy and the corn looks promising. The pumpkin and butternut squash patch are taking over and if it all works out my house here in the “pumpkin city” will have a bumper crop of its namesake. I’m prepping for second season planting now and already feel giddy at the possibility of growing my own kale. I learned A LOT about the backyard farming and will try to share some of my hard learned lessons in the next few weeks.

We have almost finished phase one of our house remodel. The only thing left is the atrium and that should be finished in the next few weeks. It is my most treasured space in the house and in fact, it was what sealed the deal for me. I’ll post some pictures soon.

So, what’s new with you? And what blogs are you loving these days? I think I need to update my daily reads so send your loves my way.

xoxo~your girl C


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