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I find inspiration in pretty pictures, endless possibilities in a bowl of Meyer lemons, the meaning of lifetime devotion in the wagging tails of our 3 rescue dogs, end-of- the-day bliss in a glass of red wine and now, the boundless, soul clutching meaning of life in the faces of my 2 little angels.

It's a happy, creative, joy-full life we've got here in the LA sun. Come play! Bring wine.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Not like so much of a surprise since I’ve said about 70 gazillions times I am going to start blogging again, right? There are so many things to catch up on!! I have been well, busy, would be one gentle way to say it. The other, slightly more harsh way would be to say we’ve been through h-e-double hockey sticks. Yes, I know (as one peripheral acquaintance mentioned on fb) I should not complain so much as the large part of aforementioned predicament was due to selling our lovely in the middle of the city but not so baby appropriate house, buying and then moving to a much more baby appropriate house in the suburbs and that is a good thing so don’t complain (omg. run on sentence much? stop.) But anyway, I barely remember what I was talking about…

Oh right, we moved. It was a nightmare. Buying/selling concurrently was awful. Moving with two babies into a house under major renovation was awful. Having 3 dogs who hate strangers in the same house with countless construction workers and random people filtering in was awful. Living out of boxes for a month and only having a toaster oven to cook with while the kitchen was remodeled was…awful. But now we have space and more space and red tailed hawks and bull frogs and gardens and a pool so whine fest over.

Just a few snaps of what we got going here in the Pumpkin City.


{early girl tomato}


{bell peppers}


{pole beans doing just what they should}

and of course…my heart sings for these two little babes…growing like well tended weeds…


{my little garden helper, aiden-15 months}


{the queen of peek-a-boo, tinsley 15 months}


So while our move to the “country” might have been rough…we are here and that is not too shabby.

Secondly, (and of great importance) Paisley was revived from the dead (or near dead) and our lovely pictures and archives were restored! We have found our second ninth wind and so away we go again.

I’m rusty. I have to remember all over how to upload, and size and caption and so be patient. The blog has had some nips and tucks and we still have one or two procedures to go, I know. I left you while I sorted myself out but I’ve come home!

Take me back, won’t you?

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Monday, November 14, 2011

to be continued…


Hello, there.

Apologies for the severe lack of posting around Paisley Petunia these days. I am fully consumed with my quick move up to San Francisco, adjusting to the commute into the City, immersing myself in the new gig, and looking for a new apartment. All things that I am really and truly loving, minus the hand to hand combat that is the competitive renter’s market in SF. Boo.

So until I can figure out both the Caltrain + MUNI schedule, how to get back to my required 10+ hour nights of sleep and not fall asleep on my laptop in bed, not to mention go on blog-worthy adventures in my free time, you will be in very capable hands with C. Thanks for sticking with us during this drought of real life getting in the way of blogging. I’ll try to pop in with updates on the new city, new job, and new adventures when I can.



Part Two, by C

Last weekend I sat down to write a little goodbye note for this blog. I felt like my life in its current form just didn’t lend itself to blogging. When we started this blog we could barely wait to post everyday. We had so much to talk about, so many things to share. It was never a chore and we never felt like we had to do it. We were young, we were always doing something, we lived in LA and we took advantage of everything this city has to offer.

But time marches on…After many years of trying to have a baby, I got two at once! It has been an amazing 9 months with Tinsley + Aiden…cocooned in our little baby haze; poking our heads out mostly for walks in the sunshine and playdates with friends.  With nary a shadow of my former self lingering in that late afternoon sun, I reminisced about the girl I used to be…

I used to go places!! Do things! Wear glamorous shoes! But these days I mostly listen to “Wheels on the Bus,” stay comfortably entrenched in yoga pants and the only foodies in my life prefer Cheerios to just about anything else. I wasn’t sure I had anything to blog about because my life is really just about my babies. And Paisley was not a baby blog.

So, it’s time to call a spade a spade. I’m gleefully, joyously, ridiculously happy to be a mommy but I also like being a blogger. With S going on hiatus while she adjusts to life in the big city, I decided I had better make up my mind to blog or not. And I chose blog! No more feeling guilty because I don’t much have much to blog about other than this happy little family I’ve got. I’m a mommy and this is going to be a mommy blog!

It didn’t start out that way and who knows where it will end up but if you want to hang around-I’d love to have you here. But forewarned is fair-warned. It’s going to be a lot of baby (s) a lot of the time.  Don’t worry; S will be here now and then to keep us abreast of her still v.v. glamorous life.

In the meantime, Paisley is going to duck out for a little face lift and will be back in fine form shortly!

See you on the flip side…



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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gone sailing

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Monday, October 10, 2011

The City

Fleet Week + Columbus Day Parade. Such a festive fall weekend in SF:

{Great photo captured in North Beach by A Tale of a Few Cities}

US Marines shout out to my brother. Miss you, Jeff!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three of my favorite things…

Coffee + San Francisco + Good design:

I really like everything about these images. Well done, Theresa Decker. I know where I’ll be in January.

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